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Preliminary Report - Sandy Harbor Road Maintenance

posted Apr 25, 2016, 1:43 PM by Laurie Mackey   [ updated Apr 25, 2016, 1:47 PM ]

Llano County Bridge and Road Commissioner, Richard Wooten,  conducted a GPS street measurement of community streets today. Measurements in decimal (.00) fraction of a mile and by foot (‘) --where applicable --as delivered by GPS readings. This is the standard measurement tool utilized by the Llano County Road and Bridge Department. The Lead Volunteer of POA Road Committee documented readings utilizing a 1967 Sand Harbor Development Corporation (“Owners and Developer”)  map with hand drawn outline of entire community by Sections 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Section 1  - 0.97 Miles  - Sandy Harbor Drive at end of CR311 to Pleasantview

Section 2 – 0.25 Miles – Pleasantview and Hilltop + 322’ of Centerview*/+ 250.23’ Granite Shoals**

Section 3 – 1.03 Miles – All of Scenic Drive, start at Low Water Crossing, Lakeshore and Beach including  Y’s - Cul ‘d Sacs at either end of  Lakeshore Drive.

Section 4 – 2.04 Miles – Centerview to Pleasantview* -211’ , Sandy Harbor to Highline, Granite Shoals to Hilltop** - 250.23’



*322’ of Centerview is within Section 2

**250’ of Granite Shoals is within Section 2


PRIVATE BOAT RAMP ACCESS - Parks A and E  0.163 Miles To be maintained by POA serve as private park (no public access) 2015 Cost estimate by HINDS PAVING $16,000


1. Standard road width is 20’ by County Standards

2. All Sections 1,2 3, & 4 utilize Centerview Drive, Sandy Harbor Drive, Granite Shoals Drive and Scenic

    Drive as main access to Community Parks A,B, C, E & F.

3. Only existing roadways Sections 1, 2 ,3 & 4 were surveyed.

4. Undeveloped roads – Section 4 - Ridge, Paisano, Antler, Lyndon and Clark were not measured for

    this Existing Road Maintenance Planning purpose. Terms of Llano County positon letter of 2015 apply.

5. Chip and seal resurfacing maintenance should be conducted in no loner than 10 year cycles, 5 years resurface in Is recommended. Keeping “good road good” is standard practice by state, county and city governments.

6. Current road conditions suggest a 2017 resurfacing project be scheduled with Llano County.

7. POA supplied MATERIAL COSTS based on 2015 contract pricing:

                         120 tons of Grade 5 material  5 ton/19.30                     $2,316 per MILE

                          4,106 Gallons of oil x $1.74/gallon                                  $7,144 per MILE


    TOTAL ESTIMATED COST (2015 BID PRICING)                     $9,460 x 4.29 MILES            $40,583.00




Current (2015) costs of materials could increase decrease in 2016 contract awarded which would impact 2017 POA scheduled maintenance costs.


Road Committee Recommendations:


1)      POA BOD Approve allocation of ‘up-to $48,000” of current reserves for existing road maintenance scheduled for implementation in 2017 as R&B schedules allow. Final costs to be determined by Llano County R&B Materials 2016 bids in effect.

2)      Petition Llano County for 2017 Road and Bridge Department budgeting for equipment and labor costs for resurfacing 4.29 miles.