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Sandy Harbor parks are for use by Sandy Harbor residents and their guest.

Decals Required
Sandy Harbor residents need to have an Identity Decal on the vehicle bumper in order to leave the vehicle in a park. The POA President has Identity Decals for property owner's.
These may be purchased from the POA President.  According to our Restrictions, any boat trailer and towing vehicle not displaying a Sandy Harbor Identity Decal may be towed at the owner's expense.

Guests must have a rear-view mirror tag to be able to park in any of the Sandy Harbor Parks. Be sure to get them from your guest before they leave Sandy Harbor.  

Please help keep our parks clean. Look for the green trash cans.

Park A
Park A has 3 piers, a boat ramp, bench, trash can.

Park rules are posted at the entrance of this park. There is a combination lock on the boat ramp gate. Call the POA President to get the gate code to launch a boat or personal watercraft.

Please re-lock the gate after launching your craft and also after loading your trailer before you leave Park A.

Park B
Park B is at the corner of Granite Shoals Drive and Sandy Harbor Drive. It is a lovely park for a picnic and fishing from the bank.

Park C
Park C is located on Sandy Harbor Drive past Park B. It is another nice park for watching wild life - ducks, geese and deer. It is at the junction of Sandy Creek and Walnut Creek.

Park E
Park E is across the low-water crossing and has a small boat ramp, a bench, lovely trees and flowers. This is a good fishing spot.

Park F
Park F is across the low-water crossing. It has a covered concrete picnic area, fire pit, two toilets and playground. This park can be reserved through the POA President for family or special functions.