Sandy Harbor Neighbors,

This Saturday, 11/8/14, the Sandy Harbor Association Board of Directors will hold a community meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the Fire Hall.  The primary topic of discussion will be to decide the future of our community restrictions.  We will be asking your opinion about the process we want to use to amend our restrictions.  Please plan to attend the meeting to ensure your interests are known to the Board.

The By-laws require 25 voting members in attendance to move forward with this process, thus it is important that if you cannot attend that you grant another member your authorization to act on your behalf.  Members that hold proxy rights can act as witness to Board actions and vote on behalf of the member that granted the proxy rights.  If you would like to authorize someone to act in your behalf at the meeting, you may use the attached proxy form to do so.

The Board also needs 25 voting members in attendance (or represented by proxy) to move forward on a road safety proposal that is needed to make road sign improvements.

We hope to see you at Saturday's meeting.

Karla Melde
Sandy Harbor Assocation, Inc.